Remembering Convocation

Dr. Rodney H. Mabry

At the beginning of each fall semester, my staff and I present Convocation to the University faculty.  It is a great time to reconnect with our coworkers after the summer and an opportunity to help define our goals for the year.

This year’s Convocation was a little different.  We enjoy being innovative, and Convocation 2013 was a great example of how we are willing to think differently in order to meet the demands of a situation.  Our goal was to develop a program that was interactive and different from what we have presented in years past.

We are halfway through the semester and so far this has been a great academic year.  Innovation and dedication to student success are vital in making this university succeed.  I am sharing the video and speech from this year’s Convocation to remind us that we should keep striving to think outside the box throughout the year.

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